CE Marked Steel – Why is it so Important?

If you’re looking for quality steelwork for your build, you’ll understand the importance getting the right steel at the right price. It’ll need to meet all of your requirements for your build – whether it’s beams or RSJs, or in fact any type of structural steel. Certainly, since the Construction Products Regulations (CPR) made it a necessity for all fabricated structural steelwork products to be CE marked back in 2014, it’s changed the way the industry has evolved.
As an expert steel supplier and fabricator, at A13 Steel we’ve come to understand how important it is take our legal requirements as a supplier very seriously. If your steel doesn’t meet the rigorous CE accreditation, your steel will certainly be rejected for a project.

It’s why we’ve made it our responsibility to ensure that we’re marked as CE exc. Classes 2 and 3. This means that we’re able to help a wider range of clients; especially larger projects including public buildings and bridges. We know from experience that there are some companies that are not operating under accreditation when it comes to their steel supply. But let’s face it, can you afford for your project to fail regulations when it comes to building control? You wouldn’t trust an unqualified workman to work on a highly technical job, so why would you want to use steel that potentially could be of an inferior quality?

We’re strong believers that if you’re looking to find a supplier, you’ll want the peace of mind and reassurance that the quality of the steel that you’re ordering will match the requirements of your job. Always putting our clients first, at A13 Steel we’re proud to be a CE accredited supplier for all of our steelwork products; ensuring that we deliver world class products as and when you need them. If you’re looking for CE accredited steelwork for your project on a quick turnaround basis, why not contact us at A13 Steel on 02037417641 , visit our website www.a13steel.com or send your enquiries to info@a13steel.com

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