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We are proud to be the first steel fabricator in London to use FICEP CNC Robotic Machinery for steel section and sheet profiling.

Advanced CNC Machinery Steel Profiling London | A13 Steel


Steel profile cutting automatisation made a drastic change in the steel industry. Take advantage of our advanced capabilities and time-saving equipment.


Some of our machines can produce up to 2t of fabricated steelwork within an hour and replace the labour equivalent of 12 men. The beauty of this being non-stop working.


We can carry out various applications such as HD Plasma Cutting, plasma bevel cutting, drilling, milling, countersinking, marking, scribing and more. You will have no limitations when it comes to challenging engineering designs.

Advanced CNC Machinery Steel Profiling London | A13 Steel


There is no human error when it comes to robotic CNC service. Our machines have exceptional accuracy of 0.0039" tolerance on diameter and concentricity. Automatic tool changers reduce production time and benefit from greater output.

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