Five great benefits of galvanised steel

Five great benefits of galvanised steel

       At A13 Steel, steel is our business, so when it comes to galvanised steel, we’re proud to be experts – we know everything you need to know.  If you’re in the construction industry, you’ll recognise the importance of having quality steel for your build.  And certainly, when it comes to galvanised steel, there are a lot of benefits that are worth considering, here are five of them.


  • Lower cost

At the end of the day, you’re always looking to find the best quality steel for the best price.  At A13 Steel, we guarantee that you’ll find galvanised steel much cheaper than other protective coatings.  Not only that, you’ll also find that galvanised steel has less maintenance and last longer – so it offers a much more value for money cost.


  • It’s made of tough stuff

In fact it’s the toughest you can find.  Whether you’re looking for RSJs, steel beams or any other form of steel, at A13 Steel, our galvanised steel has the toughest protective coating.  Making it ideal for any build that’s looking for long-lasting steel that is also resistant to damage.


  • Ease of inspection

You’ll want to ensure that the steel you use is up to the job.  Galvanised steel is a great choice as you can assess it by simply looking at it and checking its thickness through simple testing methods that aren’t destructive.  If the coating appears continuous and sound, you’ll be guaranteed that the galvanising process has worked successfully.


  • Galvanised steel is quick

We’re experts in steel erection at A13 Steel. We know that you often need a quick turnaround.  So having galvanised steel is a great option as when it arrives on site at your build, it’s ready for use straight away.


  • Reliability is its middle name

As a quality steel supplier, we understand the important of providing steel that’s reliable and fit for the job.  Choosing galvanised steel means that you can look forward to a longer coating life and predictable performance.


Talk to us about your galvanised steel requirements.  Contact us at A13 Steel on 0203 741 7641 , visit or email

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