Structural steel – the ideal solution for the construction industry

Typical Structures

Typical StructuresStructural steel – the ideal solution for the construction industry 

If you’re in construction, you’ll recognise the importance of having quality materials to work with in order to create the best build for the job. As experts in steel, we at A13 Steel have spent a great deal of time making sure that we can provide any steel that you may need. When it comes to structural steel, we know that only the best will do. It’s why we’re proud to stock a variety of steel from our excellent onsite warehouse.

So why structural steel? Well, to put it plainly, structural steel has lots of advantages to the construction industry. You’ll find that the metals join easily and it’s available in a variety of useful shapes. It also benefits from an excellent strength to weight ratio. You’ll know that if you have a large build, a key part will certainly be the steel involved.

At A13 Steel we’re able to provide more than just the structural steel. Through our excellent in-house fleet of cranes, we’re able to deliver your steel, exactly as you want it, when you want it – direct to your build. Certainly, structural steel provides lots of benefits to the construction industry, as one of the toughest metals available, it also offers lots of safety benefits. In fact, did you know that steel is actually one of the strongest metals for building structures in an earthquake?

You’ll recognise the speed benefits of structural steel too. Creating easy to build structures at different types of buildings, the steel can be adapted to suit any building. It can also be clad with any material.

At A13 Steel, as an expert steel supplier, we know that sometimes you need structural steel in a hurry. Consequently, we’re able to offer a quick turnaround wherever necessary; making sure that your build doesn’t suffer from costly delays.

Whether you’re looking to get hold of specific lengths of CE-accredited structural steel, fabricated steel or you’re looking for advice, our expert team is more than happy to help. Why not contact us at A13 Steel on 0203 741 7641, email or visit at


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